A Windy Day at Log Cabin


Yukon Field Team , Wednesday 21st February, 2024 5:30PM

Snow Conditions were: Hard ✔ Crusty ✔ Wind affected ✔ It was another windy day in the White Pass (still is - watching it howl out the window ATM). Log Cabin and much of the east side of the highway was relatively clear today, so we travelled up the north aspect to stick our heads in the snow for a bit. What we found will be a surprise to few. There is significant wind effect even on sheltered north slopes and in the gullies. We encountered a variety of surface layers with one thing in common: they're all pretty hard. We dug 205 cm to ground at 1150m. A stiff wind crust atop 40 cm of dense, wind-pressed snow above numerous hard melt-freeze layers down 40-70 cm; our test result was CTH22 50 cm down on 4F DFs and rounding facets. We didn't observe any new avalanches today.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN