Rmr old cat ski zone

South Columbia

JC , Tuesday 12th January, 2021 9:15PM


20 degree open slope. Wind affected. Ssw aspect. S1. OVC. Light gusting mod. wind. First CT CTM2 rp dn 25 (hst plus wsl) CTH1 rp DN 45 CTH3 rp DN 55 CTH10 rp DN 100 Second CT CTM1 DN 13 pc CTM5 DN 45 rp CTH6 DN 55 rp Didnt have my crystal screen to identify failure plane crystal type. I could feel a thick crust down 135 cms. Perhaps it is the 12/15.


When I was skiing Down at 3pm it had began to rain lightly at the catchers mitt.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN