Christiana trees

Glacier National Park

3er.lisa , Monday 4th January, 2021 3:40PM

We broke trail up Christiana trees with ski pen 40+ cm. Quite a few people skied McGill Shoulder today. We were alone in Christiana trees. We skied mostly mellow slopes and avoided large openings. We saw a few small slides (size 1) on steep banks and small convexities. They probably released during or towards the end of the storm Saturday night.

Snow conditions were: Deep powder. Weather conditions were: Warm, Cloudy. We rode: Mellow slopes, Dense trees. We avoided: Steep slopes, Convex slopes, Open trees. Riding quality was amazing.

Avalache Conditions: 30cm + of new snow, or significant drifitng, or rain in the last 48 hours.


Deep powder above 1500 m. A thin crust below 1500 m and icy in the trees on the summer trail on lower elevations. There was a weak layer down 50-70 cm. Reactive in hand shears at around 1500 m. We did tests at around 1850 m. We saw weak layers down 70 cm and down 20 cm. No result with the ECT. Hard sudden planar result down 20 cm with a CT. No result in the surface hoar layer from Dec 26 (down 70 cm) at that location.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN