Ice - Wind and spindrift around Weeping Wall

Jasper National Park

Grant P , Monday 1st March, 2021 8:27PM

Observations from the car: **9.30am - Polar Circus had high winds above the climb moving quite a bit of snow around. No avalanches or spindrift observed coming over the climb. **2.00pm - Mixed Master to Snivelling Gully. Heavy sloughing of loose dry from steep walls. More spindrift also observed further south. **Weather was negative single digits in the morning (maybe -7c ish) and around -1c as we were heading home in the afternoon (2pm ish). Weather was supposed to have been a mix of sun and cloud but was mostly cloudy and somewhat windy at times. Around mid day up at Panther Falls we had light snow falling but I didn't think it was much accumulation at the time. I suspect it was this new snow we observed releasing from cliffs both north and south of the Weeping Wall area. The releases were from steep slabby areas and ledges on the cliffs rather than from above the cliff.

Weather conditions were: Warm.