Kututle slide

Kootenay Boundary

TsugaMertensiana , Sunday 28th March, 2021 9:45AM


Everything felt very stable all morning, no signs of cracking, whumfing, or naturals so we decided to start moving along this ridge to scope the couloir into kututle. We were two metres below the ridge, transitioning to a boot pack, when we noted the snow on that aspect below us was surprisingly heavy compared to everything we had seen so far in the day. As we dug our boots in to get up the 2 metres to the ridge this slab propagated below us. We bailed on our objective for obvious reasons and straddled the ridge back to safety. We didnt take time to check the details of the slab, but the sun exposure was definitely the primary factor. Please be careful of south facing slopes, we saw no indication of slide potential before this popped, thankfully we were in a good position when it did.