Hapush area


Skied conservative open north facing treeline terrain. 8-10cm new snow overnight, with light snow continuing on and off through the day. Winds very light. Overnight snows were delivered with strong ENE winds. Wind slabs noted on W aspects at ridge crest. Wind loaded micro-terrain test features fractured easily and propagated beyond ski tips, sliding easily on most recent crust that likely had a touch of SHx on it. Profile (resistances/HH at bottom of report) N aspect, 1240m, 31 degree slope, wide open trees. Light precip, overcast, no wind. HS 175 CTM 17 SP down 50 ECTP 20 down 50 Notes/thoughts: PWL shallower than same area one week prior, likely due to snowpack settlement/slight change in profile location. Easier results than 1 week ago. PWL is bridged by a large crust, though smaller crusts in the upper snowpack have weakened in the last week in non-solar terrain. This leaves shaded N facing areas skiing quite deep, but arguably increases this PWL's triggerability in these areas. 0-10 F Crust (solar - almost completely absent in shaded areas) 10-20 4f Crust (much weaker than 1 week ago) 20-30 4f 30-50 1f 50-51 beefy crust 51-55 facets Crust 56-60 facets Dense

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN