Alder-wrong choices


This trip began with a mistaken approach toward Birdwood Pass. When we realized we were ascending the wrong drainage, instead of skinning back down and starting over, we decided to precariously cross the stream and start alder-bashing our way up toward the ridge. Slow going. Finally we decided to head back to the stream and descended the drainage until we came to a cut block. When we finally found our way up toward Tryst lake we found ourselves bashing through more alder on a very hard and slippery base with a couple inches of powder on top. Finally, we gave up and skied out the Tryst lake drainage. We met some lovely folk on their way up to the chutes. I am oh so curious to know how their adventure was. We feel the area requires another good dump to make travel more enjoyable to Tryst Chutes.

Snow conditions were: Crusty. Weather conditions were: Warm. Riding quality was terrible.