Shames backcountry, North Bowl obs

Northwest Coastal

frankcarus , Sunday 7th April, 2019 5:30PM

Snow conditions were: Wet. Riding quality was good.


15 cm moist new storm snow created easy to trigger loose wet avalanches on most slopes over 30 degrees. High water content in old crust beneath which was variable in terms of supportability. Remote concern about larger sluffs on big slopes entraining this old snow too. In any case, the new snow was touchier than you would expect given its depth even on low 30 degree slopes. We triggered three sluffs, one of which reached size 1.5. The snow seemed to be turning slabby, but still lacked propagation energy though a bit of solar gain would do the trick. We also heard several large sluffs running in the distance from Figure 8 Hill or Geronimo Bowl. Never saw debris moving but some of those paths appeared fresh. Wouldn't be surprised if what we heard was much bigger as some solar gain had just occurred.


54.50462954 -128.95539268

Shames backcountry, North Bowl obs

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN