Arrived at Nadahini parking lot at 10:30. Left the truck at 11am departing west following Chuck creek. We found ourselves on a snowmobile highway leading right up to the south face of Nadahini. Lots of fun riding, playing around the mellow slopes. We remained under 1200m due to the poor visibility. Returned to truck at 2:30pm. Snow conditions 30cm found near the road at the base of Chuck creek 55-80cm around 1200m Coverage was good - moderate Several open creeks to be found & lots of alder poking out. WX Overcast with poor visibility increasingly getting worse thoughout the day. Leading to flat light conditions, making navigation very challenging. Wind was light coming from the west. Nil for precipitation. Temperature was -5°c Definitely could have left whitehorse before 730 to be on snow for 10 instead of 11. We missed out on a good hour of daylight. Road conditions from Haines junction onward are quite icy.

Snow conditions were: Powder. Weather conditions were: Cloudy. We rode: Mellow slopes. Riding quality was good.


59.68773438 -136.67284691


Source: Avalanche Canada MIN