Ice - King Creek

Grant P

Small amount of new snow down low and looks like more at higher elevations. I was making new tracks going in. Went in to upgrade a rap anchor. The climbs are still good but not quite as blue as two weeks ago. Still some wet on the climbs. Two pics included of the Left Cave Flow and of the Main Flow. There was 10-15cm accumulated at the top of the cave flow that likely came as spindrift ot loose dry from the slope left of the cave. Certainly a lot more than on the trail. As I left the avi gullys were getting sun, including the north facing gullys. All the north facing gullys getting sun had pin wheels most of the way down. I may have missed them as I walked in because they were shaded. Pics of most avi gullys included. The south facing gullys had old avi signs covered in new snow going in. Coming out the south facing gullys were melting down to scree. One north facing gully looked like way up in the alpine it had had a point release but only pin wheel tracks in the lower part of the gully.


Snow ploughs were clearing the highway driving down Hwy 40 but the sun was out. Overnight or early morning snow but light cover at valley bottom. Looked like more higher elevations. Winds were light all morning in the valley and no ridgetop snow transport observed. Dont have thermometer readings but felt quite chilly early and warmed quite a bit by mid day.