Victoria Peak ..we haven't given up on you yet!

North Island

AvCan Vancouver Island , Wednesday 8th March, 2023 4:30PM

Can't win 'em all! We took a stab at accessing Victoria Peak from Sayward today with limited success. Skunked by active falling around km 30 (WR350 branch, check out the last pic for access contact info) so we circled around to the Victoria - Queen col but were met by a steep headwall that thwarted our efforts to gain elevation on Victoria. Topping out at a measly 1000 m, we were not able to assess for the presence or absence of the same crust we've been tracking at Cain. We suspect it's limited to the immediate surroundings there but are still hesitant to rule out other parts of the north Island. On our way back we took a quick rip up one of the access points to the friendly-looking Memekay mountain. We were too short on time to do the full trip but it seems like a fun place to check out if you can get your sled up there!

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Heavy, Powder. Weather conditions were: Cloudy, Windy.