Stormy Seymour Laps

South Coast

skiderp099 , Monday 4th March, 2024 10:51PM

Morning laps on Sunday 03 March. Travelled up to Avalanche Signs just NE of Brockton. Consistent snow & skinnable from the lower lot. Some hidden hazards (rocks, trees, tree wells.) Significant new snow & drifting observed at and above treeline (roughly ~30cm HN as of Sunday AM.) Crust layer is evident below storm snow when cutting a skin track. Shooting cracks + some whumps, felt collapse within layers on fresh snow when off skin track. Small cornices observed on rolls behind Brockton, w sastrugi. Temps down to ~ -11, low visibility & snowing heavily for the entire trip. Small intentionally triggered size 1 dry sluff on treeline convex roll just off skintrack near first Backcountry gate into resort. Visibility too low to observe alpine slopes & faces past Brockton.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN