Kicking Horse North


Meshwell Boschmann , Saturday 6th April, 2024 4:50PM

Lots of tracks on Ozone North, Ruedi's North and lower Molar's North. Evidence of a few 5-10cm skier triggered windslabs up to size 1.5 on north facing terrain and cornice/wet sluff from rocks triggered loose moist avalanches to size 2 on April 5. Of note, a couple deep gouging wet avalanches up to size 1.5 below rocks on steep solars that had previously avalanched at the beginning of March, also from yesterday. Travelling on the solars was 5-10 cm of moist snow over 10-20cm solid melt freeze crust, bring your ski crampons! Untracked due north features held 30cm ski pen turns in dry snow above 2200m.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN