Ice - Blue Cheese

Grant P

**The gate at the dam has now been moved back to the road making that approach even longer. I went from the boulders for the first time in years. Back to two creek crossings and more bushwhacking. Old tracks are visible to follow much of the way. **Climb now gets morning sun. I went later hoping shade would mean the climb was dryer. Didn't have to worry about that, climb is almost all dry. **Its formed differently this winter from normal. Instead of the left side bulking way out, the flow has gone more right. It makes the route wider and steeper. **Right side has just a minor touch of sun effect. In the corner is crap but short and not worth worrying about. Middle is good and has seen some travel. Left side is nice and steep but was fracturing quite heavily, more than the middle and right. **Overall the climb is in great shape. True to its name, the middle and right is well blue. Left side has a tinge of green. Good ice, good swings, probably takes good screws but didnt place any.

Riding quality was good.