ACMG Apprentice Ski exam day 1

Rogers Pass - Little Sifton Glacier National Park

Dylan Chen , Monday 8th February, 2021 7:55PM

One group from the ACMG Apprentice ski guide exam completed the Little Sifton traverse ascending from the Connaught drainage and finishing the day in the Hermit drainage. Found excellent skiing in non wind affected terrain and observed less windslab and wind affect than Expected.

Avalanche Activity:
Observed old natural windslab avalanche along the the ridge line connecting Little Sifton to Grizzly peak. Initiated immediately below the ridge. Likely trigger was from the reverse loading yesterday. In the attached photo center left below the ridge.

20-50cm of low-density storm snow with pockets of wind affect from northerly winds overlies previously buried soft slabs from the February 5th southerly winds. The Jan 24th SH/SC interface is down 70-90 cm.

Some surface hoar (1-2mm) was observed down 50cm at 1760m S aspect on grizzly shoulder. No reliable tests done with old tracks present in the area.

Mike Adolph
Candidates: Zoe Hendrickson, Kyle Lamothe, Dylan Chen

Source: Mountain Conditions