Ice - Wedge Smear

Grant P

Wedge Smear was crowded with 5 ropes today. Everyone was friendly and worked together (thanks) but we still had one somewhat minor ice fall incident. From the left to right side it was nice protectable low angle, becoming thin and unprotectable. Then as it got steeper it got fatter again before a very wet line that was getting fatter. Right of the wet line it got steeper and dry again, before ending at a short vertical pillar that protected well. The whole curtain doesn't touch down yet and the steepest right most section of curtain has yet to form. Attached pics go left to right across the curtain. The extra pic is of Kidd falls. Climb looks good from far away, but the bowls above deserve a check before heading to Kidd Falls. The lower two bowls didn't look full from my angle but the upper bowl had visible amounts. Also while the snowfield far above the bowl didn't look too loaded its worth scoping out to look for any cornices that may be a trigger for the bowls eventually. Relatively low snow amounts below tree line so far.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN