Youngs Peak Headwall

Glacier National Park

josephganie , Sunday 21st April, 2019 5:05PM


Avalanche of approximate size 2.5, 3 individuals involved, no injuries. We were a group of 3 attempting to summit complete Youngs Peak Traverse. Caught up to a group of 9 at the headwall of Youngs who had started boot packing up to the ridge. They had split into a group of 6 and 3 were waiting in a safe location, where we joined, until the initial group was on top of the ridge. Once it was clear we made our way up the headwall. Once three of us had reached the top a loud and violent rumble was felt through the slopes and a few moments later a large crown formed above and beside us. The three of us on the top of the ridge were safe but the 3 behind us (1 from our initial group and 2 from the group of 9) were caught in the slide. Once the avalanche had come to a stop all three were identified on top of the debris field. WE contacted them through radio and no immediate assistance was needed. Information form the initial 9 who gained the ridge informed us the whole south aspect had slid which we suspect remote triggered the north aspect.


51.21080000 -117.44829000

Youngs Peak Headwall

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN