More obs at Heroes knob


cmurrayschlitt , Sunday 21st April, 2024 11:35AM

Skied Heroes knob, sunny warm day in Kananaskis with water running on rocks and falling chunks of ice/rock from steep solar aspects observed as early as 1030. Widespread crust on solar aspects, shaded north aspects were moist, but were skiing well Saw sz 2 avalanche debris that ran out to cover the ski tracks on the lower portion of Sweet sixteen. Crown was visible on NE high alpine, looked like possible cornice or WSL failure steeped down to DPS in steep rocky shallow areas and ran down the cliffs. Age unknown, but the debris looked recent and crown was still distinct. Sweet Sixteen looks to have ran size 3 earlier this year. Crown is still visible stretching the length of the pass. Must've been a long time ago as the ski quality and coverage down is good, though avalanche debris buried under new snow does make for bumpy skiing on the middle portion for the run. Top of the run seeing ~30cm of 4F-F moist snow on the surface, reducing to ~5-15cm over a burly crust on the middle and lower parts of the run. Saw tons of old avalanche debris out of steep solar aspects, most running roughly midpath, and watched a solo skier take a high speed fall out of a steep N facing chute, he was ok, and reported finding easy hand sheers up there, please be careful out there.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN