Superb spring day


vincentjauvin , Thursday 11th April, 2024 7:40PM

Observed a notable Size 1.5 Mr 100-150m wide but only 30-50m long. Remoted from probably 100m and crown is around 60cm deep. The main avalanche triggered two Sy size one. Gliding layer unknown but could be isolated SH in wind loaded feature.(see pictures) Otherwise, several Na & Ma windslab to size one in loaded polar aspects. Numerous solar induced loose dry. We skied steep solars in the morning where 20cm were sitting on a suncrust with limited wind affect and slab properties. We avoided steep wind loaded polars Today. Widespread visible wind effect but mostly soft except at ridge top where wind affect was firm. New suncrust formed on all solars over 30degrees.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN