Fun crust

Northwest Coastal

julian.krick , Friday 12th April, 2024 4:50PM

Did a few laps of 3rd knoll and a north bowl. Fluffy up high, and crust starts around 1350 m, but still fun on snowboard. Below 1100 m crust is barely edge-able. Sun and viz was in and out today. Mostly in though. Stayed cold-ish higher up and a strong breeze on top of the Dome. Didn’t see any snow transport. Only traces of new snow later in day. Groomers at Shames were nice and soft around 3 PM, hard and icy in the morning. No signs of instability. Pin wheelers and potentially one slab in Thunderbowl from last days, but no pin wheeling today. Overall better than expected. Fun day.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN