Cheops Shelf


todddundon , Sunday 5th May, 2024 6:55AM

Started early & travel up to Balu was fast with the refrozen snow. Ski crampons are definitely req'd for Cheops west shoulder. No cornice on the entrance & the rappel is easy with multiple chopped ledges in place for transitioning. Still lots of snow coverage,. Snow was chopped powder. The choke 1/3 down the run is still passable on the right side. One member of our party went for the summit & remotely triggered a cornice that avalanched size 3 down the north face that impacted the lower half of the run. Skiing on the lower half is survival skiing until there's a refresh. The lower bowl (North Cheops #2) was wonderful spring corn. No other avalanche activity noted during the day in the Connaught drainage.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN