Fresh reactive wind slab at tree line


Parks Canada Visitor Safety , Monday 23rd January, 2023 3:30PM

A Parks Canada field team ski toured up the Connaught slide path and gained the treed ridge lookers left of the path. Upon reaching tree line at ~1900m, signs of a sensitive snowpack started to become apparent, with the formation of a soft slab, 3-5m of cracking within the top 20cm of the snowpack, several whumpfs in the small sparse trees, and a decent amount of snow being transported by the strong winds. The crew was about to reach their profile site at 2050m when a 20-40cm deep, 20m wide crown pulled out of a small steep feature, catching and carrying the first and second members of the group ~10m. The slab ran 70m to lower angled terrain. Fresh reactive wind slabs have formed in the alpine and down into tree line.

Riding quality was good.