Skiing south aspects


Todd Mansfield , Sunday 3rd March, 2024 3:50PM

Dug pit on direct south aspect at 2400m with 28 degrees slop angle. Sky cover was scattered. Present temperature at 1015am was -18c. Test pit produced a CTM 11 down 65, this was very resistant planar, another CTM 19 down 80cms on the Feb 2/3 melt freeze was also resistant planar but less so then the one above. First run was blower at 1030am on direct south aspect. Second run we could feel sun effect starting at 2100m and snow getting heavy. Third lap at 2pm, we were experience significant settling below 2100m, snow sticky and wet below 2200m. Are we on the coast, snow pack is very wet, like coast wet down 20-30cm Snow pack is still very low for the region below 1950m. It is all power goodness until you hit a rock or tree stump. No avalanches observed in region south of kicking horse

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN