Searchin fer spaw

Glacier , Wednesday 6th March, 2024 4:50PM

Chill tour up towards perley rock. Stopped just shy of the perl itself. Farmed some sunny soul turns and then pointed it home. Cold temps in the morning gave us confidence on the climb but once we were up top the solar effect from the day became more evident and we stayed away from solar aspects. Saw a few small point releases off of sir don and heard several large wumpfs from the surrounding area. None seemed to be coming from anywhere in our direct vicinity, but perhaps the asulkan glacier or glacier crest. We found some interesting wind crust about halfway up to perley rock on some low angle ridges and gave it a wide berth as it seemed to be collapsing. More crust with 20-30cms of blower on top appeared well bonded closer to perley rock. The snow on north and northwest aspects stayed cold and dry throughout the day at high elevations despite receiving some sun but as we descended back down into the valley the snow got heavier. All in all a good day in the sun on mellow slopes and didn’t get ‘lanched.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN