Seven Steps


kynanparry , Monday 25th March, 2024 2:20PM

Sunday was a busy day on Young’s Peak. We were likely the last group of the day to ski at around 6 pm and saw at least 4-5 groups drop into Seven Steps, Young’s Traverse, and Forever Young in the afternoon. Very enjoyable skiing on wind-buffed pow down to about 2100m on mostly sheltered polar aspects. After that, we hit re-freezing corn and then a bulletproof crust. Illecillewaet approach was very slick in the AM up until the toe of the glacier when temps warmed up and the snow softened. Snow turned to pow around 2200m with a very thin but developing sun crust that disappeared just shy of 2500m. Temps were above freezing at valley bottom and maybe -10 or so at the summit at 2800m. Variable but mostly light wind throughout the day transporting minimal snow on ridge tops and large convexities. Still some decent holes in the Asulkan and Illecillewaet glaciers but we didn’t have any troubles navigating it on a clear day. Ski out down Asulkan valley was rather slick and the creek is mostly open.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN