crust on crusts @ Hollyburn today!


In AM: Socked in, really trying hard to snow (mostly rain). Thick rain crust to ~1200 m, with thinner, softer melt-freeze crust to Hollyburn summit that made for some fun turns. In PM: Clearing by 12:30 pm. Wind light from the SE. Significant solar effect by 2:30 pm.

Riding quality was good.


A couple hasty pits generally revealed a thin surface crust over Tuesday's new snow. This storm snow sits on a crust sandwich & nearly 30 cm of coarse MF below. For the nitty gritty... Pit 1: NE aspect, TL, 1320 m, 22° Surface crust 2 cm followed by 44 cm of 4F storm snow and a 4 cm P-hard rain crust below. Below this, 3 cm of 4F soft snow separates a second P-hard crust down 54 cm. CTH 25 (RP) down 46 on IFrc. No HS measurement possible (> 320 cm). Pit 2: W aspect, TL, 1310 m, 40° small convexity Storm snow here as looser, F-hard snow below thin surface crust. Structure similar to above. First CT failed while isolating column (down 89 on MF). Second CT failed CTE 5 (PC) down 26 on DF and CTH 21 (RP) down 51 cm on IFrc. A noticeable difference in foot pen between the two sites (PF of 20 cm @ NE pit vs. 35 cm on the W side). Also, stunning 8+cm rime build up from the SE on surrounding trees.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN