Lower Holt (the pool)


melodylouise92 , Tuesday 5th January, 2021 4:45PM

Snow conditions were: Deep powder. Riding quality was good.


Sled skiing at holt- 2 snowboarders were at the top of the zone, first snowboarder dropped in, went about 60 meters across to a rib, waited. Second snowboarder dropped in.. traversed across same track, came off the traverse line a little and fell into a tree/soft pocket of snow and then accidentally remote triggered 20 meters above him a size 2.5 avalanche. Both snowboarders were taken in the avalanche. Both deployed airbags. 1st snowboarder went about half way down the avalanche path (200m) and 2nd snowboarder went full path (400m). 2 guys from another group snowboarded along the side of debris and reached the two involved in the incident. Airbags kept them above the debris, the snowboarder who went for full length ride was had partially buried legs but both people were un-injured.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN