Layers of the Onion

Northwest Inland

AvCan Northwest , Thursday 22nd February, 2024 2:40PM

We spent the day touring around the Onion riding area. The most noticeable differences from the previous few days was moderate northerly wind, although there's not much available snow to move around. It did destroy the growing surface hoar in wind exposed alpine terrain, but 5-20 mm surface hoar still stands proud in wind-sheltered alpine terrain, at treeline, and in openings below treeline. Of all the area, there was just one small sled triggered wind slab on a steep northeast alpine slope, where it failed over depth hoar in a shallow alpine feature. We looked far and wide for other signs but didn't see anything. With the low danger, we continued to practice safe travel habits by being on any steep slope one at a time, having a plan, and watching each other from safe spots.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN