Purple + Hero's Knob


cmurrayschlitt , Friday 26th April, 2024 4:50PM

Linked up Purples knob and Hero's knob. Cloudy warm weather with trace snowfall all day, minimal solar input. Light winds. Found 10-15cm of dense moist new snow covering old surfaces, up to 20-25cm on Hero's knob where light southerly winds had loaded the slope. Ski quality was quite pleasant, only feeling the crust below on steep aspects, best skiing was on moderate-angled slopes below Hero's knob. No cracking or windslab notes except for wind transport loading hero's around midday. On steep terrain we were able to push snow to start slow Sz 1 wet loose slides with the new snow, saw a few natural loose avalanches too. Travel was good, except traversing steep slopes where skintrack would wash out from new snow sliding on buried crusts. Approach to Purple's knob passes beneath large truck-sized cornices, be wary of overhead if heading that way. Ski season's not over yet!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN