Mt Greenberry quick trip


esarhawkins , Saturday 1st January, 2022 2:10PM

Quick trip getting some new folks out into the backcountry world and take advantage of the luxurious warm temperatures. We leapfrogged with another group, taking turns breaking trail in the unconsolidated powder. An exhausted postholing pooch shortened our objectives for the day. Moderate wind was rapidly removing snow from the trees. Never got into terrain with any good visibility on larger slopes to check for recent failures. Skied a few short, steep, densely treed slopes with no failures, just unconsolidated sloughs. Didn't get snow nerdy, ski penetration was variable 10-30 cm. Didn't get a total snow depth, somewhere in the 150 cm range.

Snow conditions were: Deep powder. Weather conditions were: Windy. We rode: Dense trees, Mellow slopes. Riding quality was amazing.