Ice - Upper ETC

Grant P

*Approach: some snow/ice bridges are now gone. Beware bridges with holes punched through primarily in the lower creek. New snow covered previous tracks and our own inbound tracks were getting covered by the time we were outbound. There were a couple stretches of deep posholing. A crust made punching through hard until you stand up when you would once again sink thigh deep. Now partially kucked into trenches. Upper creek approach in better shape but warrants caution on the snow/ice bridges. *Chantilly looks in good shape. *Snowline melted out at the halfway point so not in. *Moonlight still there but looked bleached. *Combo covered in snow. *B2 still there and coffee coloured. *WD40 never formed this year. *Slurpee dry but chandeliered in places. Some screws will hit air voids. There is a really fun option at the back of the cave climbing through the inside of the falls and exits at a great stance above the cave. Air pocketed ice at this stance before heading up the left side. Good groove up the middle/right side as another option. *Fun & Fitness looking somewhat bluish and steep to finish. *Most of Rehab wall missing ice down along the bottom half. *Green Monster looking green and takes good screws but some fracturing surface ice. A couple of drippy grooves but other lines dry.

Riding quality was good.


Some sluffing in steeper terrain observed as we left.


Cool on the approach. Overnight was supposedly around -8c but around -5 leaving the car 8am ish. Rising to around freezing before feeling like it was dropping again as we left around 5pm. Snow in the last 24 to 48 hours covered tracks to about ankle deep. Started snowing around 2pm and fairly heavy for brief times. Probably around ankle to boot top deep as we exited. Strangely the car seemed to have only melted snow. Perhaps cooler in the upper creek.