Looks like wind has been moving snow and filling in lee aspects the last few days in White Pass. Mild today (-1 C at ridgetop this afternoon) with light south wind. Snow depth average 150cm on glacier. Little trail breaking required with top 5 cm stiffened by wind on North and East aspects. Rime forming on surface snow. Quick test at 1700 N aspect: CTE down 5cm where 1F+ wind pressed dense layer is sitting on top of 4F layer of snow from last weekend, CTM 40cm down below that. No Natural activity observed. Still lots of early season hazards, lakes that look frozen were all wide open less than a week ago in the summit area.

Snow conditions were: Wind affected. We rode: Alpine slopes. We avoided: Steep slopes. Riding quality was ok.


59.62148626 -135.22185711


Source: Avalanche Canada MIN