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Northwest Coastal

travisluvsbikes , Monday 26th February, 2024 12:50AM

So nice to be in a Shames snow storm of fluff again! Snowing with intermittent intensity with gradual decrease through out the day with bright ish skies in afternoon. Light winds at ridge top Knolls area from the S ish. No whumfs or cracks seen but didn't spend to much time off established skin track. 30 to 50 recent storm snow depending on where you were standing around the 1000 m mark. Trees almost seemed more covered below treeline than at it. Small sz 1 soft slab cut by other party than me below convexity of 2nd knoll facing towards prayer flags ridge. 30 to 40 cm's deep and 3 or so m's wide. Very soft and ran down greater than 20 m's from cut. See pic. No other slabs seen. Did see fluff flying up in my face on heel side turns though!! 🙏😁

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN