Soft Yes

Yukon , Sunday 24th March, 2024 9:15PM

A very nice, warm, and sunny day near Taiya. We had a nice lap down Zamboni. The plan was to turn around if things were getting too sloppy but the top 50m was still bullet proof (~2pm, south facing). The sun had softened the bottom two thirds and made for some very nice turns. Below this (~1500m), south facing aspects were getting a bit sloppy but still skied well. We saw a size 1-ish (second photo) that looked like it released today or not long before. Maybe the sun had tickled a touchy pocket as we didn't observe any other activity throughout the day. Things are looking great for spring skiing! We also met James and Nico leading a big group of youngsters who looked like they were having a great day in the heli (third picture)!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN