Melty Toblerone (size 2 swiss couloir)


Demonic Pancake , Saturday 20th April, 2024 5:45PM

Nice and warm day up hermit meadows and an enjoyable mini golf lap on Swiss and Tupper glaciers. We were too late for the Tupper traverse, Connaught paths are down to rock in the lower part 😿 We saw a few different groups ski Rogers and swiss couloir later in the day. The first skier down swiss triggered an avalanche with no involvement that ran full path. The snow in the alpine was crusty in the morning but quickly got soft from solar radiation. Mostly warm and moist powder sitting on a crust that skied well on the low angle. Measured between 280cm to 300cm on Swiss. The snow is still holding well and is supported by a Scooby-Doo style crusts sandwich. Micro aspects not facing directly at the sun were still holding cold powder as air temperature was still fairly cool. It was still enjoyable to ski (although that was probably not the consensus 😅). Wet slushy snow at tree line in the afternoon and awesome corn lower down.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN