Changing conditions

Little Sifton Glacier National Park

Alex Geary , Wednesday 24th February, 2021 4:50PM

It’s been an interesting last couple of days skiing in Rogers Pass…. Yesterday we turned around before getting very far in Connaught Creek due to concerns about overhead hazard with 25cm of new snow overnight (on top of lots of recent storm snow) and strong winds. Today felt much safer out there with much less wind and some time for the snow to settle, so we climbed to the summit of Little Sifton and skied into the Hermit drainage. We only found new wind effected snow and scouring in the most exposed places, but for the most part the new snow was not wind effected and right side up pretty much everywhere, providing amazing skiing. In the alpine, most places we could probe a hollow layer with our poles (presumably the facets from the recent cold snap) down 100-120cm, but did not have any whumphing. We did not observe any new avalanches today, it seemed like most of them came down 2 nights ago during the peak of the avalanche cycle (including several size 4’s). Rapidly changing conditions this week certainly made for interesting decision making on our avalanche course and it looks like it’s going to change again with more new snow tonight!

Source: Mountain Conditions