Reactive storm slab

GNP, Puff Daddy Glacier National Park

Jason Guptill , Monday 1st March, 2021 2:10PM

Yesterday afternoon while making our way up to Puffy Daddy, above the info centre in Roger's Pass, we triggered a size 2 slab while crossing the gully to get to the top of the run. (no involvement)
Unfortunately, due to bad lighting, couldnt get any good pics of it.

Due to location and remaining hangfire we didnt feel safe getting closer to get better data, so take this with a large grain of salt: it was approximately 60-80cm deep, 20m across and ran for 50m. Plenty of wind effect, and being a SE facing gully at 2200m lead us to assume a windslab.

We bailed and skied down Rogers Run instead. We stuck to well supported open glades, and managed to make it home without anymore excitement. =)

Jason Guptill

Source: Mountain Conditions