Kokanee Bowl

South Columbia

Chris Rubens , Friday 8th January, 2021 7:10AM


We spent a beautiful morning in the RMR slackcountry. I had been skiing in the area all season and was feeling confident in the snowpack. We skied a few things in the morning and were gaining confidence in the snowpack. A lot of people around skiing lines with no results. We made our way over to Kokanee bowl. Watched someone ski down the face with little to no sluff. Decided to ski the lines on the skiers left for filming. Skier dropped in above some cliffs, aired the cliff, on the landing had a bit of a tumble, as he tumbled the sluff landed on the slope and set off a slab above 80m wide and 30-40cm deep. Skier went for full ride, beacon search was immediately iniated by myself. Luckliy as I was doing my initial search I saw something move at the end of the debris, his head was just sticking out. Quickly dug out the rest of his body, assessed for injuries. He was okay but shook and had lost a lot of his gear. We were able to juggle gear within our group and get him out with a couple people doing a long one ski back to the base of the resort. When we got back up to Kokanee ridge we saw that Montana had slid size 2.5. See other MIN reports.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN