Nadahinni Glacier Tour


Yukon Field Team , Thursday 18th April, 2024 6:10PM

We sledded the glacier loop of Nadahinni today (up West Nadahinni Creek and out Chuck Creek), stopping in the west arm to ski a few alpine laps and poke our heads in the snow. The Nadahinni area didn't see the same natural cycle move through earlier in the week/last weekend that occurred on the east side of the Haines road. A pit dug at 1900 m on a NW aspect revealed the same surface hoar layer found throughout the week in the wider forecast area; this layer is rounding out and becoming increasingly resistant, which is a good sign going forward. Recent sled highmarks on steep slopes also bolstered our confidence that this problem layer may not have the widespread distribution we were initially concerned about. We still gave steep slopes a wide berth and moved cautiously through terrain; a surface hoar problem is difficult to manage, even when it is not widespread. As we wrap up our field season, user submitted MINs will be increasingly important, so keep them coming. Particularly in the Haines Pass. Happy spring shredding!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN