Peyto access to Peyto Hut, Rhondda, Bow Exit

Little Yoho

jonwillreid , Tuesday 20th February, 2024 2:30PM

Peyto access was OK, with a skis-off creek crossing and a bootpack up the creek onto the moraine we could have likely avoided by taking the summer trail up the right side. Peyto glacier skin track was ok from left to right, then around the crevasses to peyto hut. Rhondda summit without taking skins or skis off, then skied down East ridge as north face has open crevasses. Bow and Peyto glaciers have several open crevasses, avoidable but worse than last March for sure. Bow exit skied well, even through the creek canyon. Lots of wind affect in the alpine.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN