Tumbling Ne 5 test profile, southern Banff national park forecast region

Jesse Aj Scotland


Tumbling NE5 test profile, 11am March 20th 2020 Sky clear Winds light sw PRECIP nil Air temp - 2.9 degree celcius Aspect se Elev 2240m Angle 30 degrees Sheltered tree line terrain 2-4cm sun crust that presented like a breakable melt freeze crust built up the surface. Soft fist snow for 10cm quickly settled into pencil+ for the remainder of the pack. Again today at about 160 down we noticed the basal facet interface. Although less pronounced here then on polar aspects. Stn Ctn Dtn These results looked great. doing a deep shovel test the isolated layer 160 down did get a RP fracture character, but more pressure then a test would recommend was used to see this result. Side notes At 2550m the crust down the subpeak on the SE path had only broken down slightly for the ride down but was skiable and soft breakable. Where we walked up was hard breakable in the am. Winds kept things feeling very cool up high today in the alpine. the sun sure did pack a punch more so to the face then the snow( bring sunscreen) and the snow told the story of loose wet activity and extreme wind hammering in the region over the last 4 days. Found soft and hard wind slabs at 1400m that lasted till the alpine..... I thought this observation was wierd I guess the east winds made things interesting on this mountain in particular as we did not experience this yesterday. To update yesterday's obvs the crust was present upto 2550m on aspects encountered. East through to W. Was - 17 in the morning at 7:30am and 2 degrees at 1pm at the car on the way out


51.15066447 -116.18065434

Tumbling Ne 5 test profile, southern Banff national park forecast region

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN