Door closing on our nose


Went out to try our hand at hero knob but the foreseen weather door slammed right on schedule at 13:30 with some pretty hard winds at the col - after getting close to blown off, we pulled the plug as the conditions on sweet 16 were going to be falsely leading us into some slabs as a way to get out of the winds. We had the privilege of watching powder releases off the top of the rocky saddle immediately to the west of us turn around in the wind and float off to the prairies after clearing the ridge from where they popped off. Snow on the up track slopes between purple and Hero slabbing up with the winds as they dropped into the valley with us. Winds picking up at Sawmill parking by the time we left at 15:30. Could be interesting to be up there in the next day or two.

Snow conditions were: Wind affected, Powder. Weather conditions were: Warm. We rode: Open trees. We avoided: Alpine slopes. Riding quality was good.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN