Brew treeline


theekaijorgenson , Monday 8th February, 2021 9:45AM

Observed one size 2 avalanche from the day before's storm or wind loading on a SE facing slope

Snow conditions were: Heavy, Deep powder, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Cold, Sunny. We rode: Dense trees, Convex slopes, Sunny slopes, Open trees. We avoided: Alpine slopes. Riding quality was good.

Avalache Conditions: 30cm + of new snow, or significant drifitng, or rain in the last 48 hours. Slab avalanches today or yesterday.


Didnt get a good photo, but did a column test in an open area at treeline, 30 degree slope.Was looking for problems from the bulletin. the 60cm resistant planar CTH seems to coincide with the bottom of the new snow. New snow was not formed up enough and broke into pieces almost immediately as we tried to slide it off the failure surface. No further results. All snow beneath came out as one big block that could be picked up without breaking. Observed only one natural on a steep windloaded slope across the bowl. Another group reported CTM at 70 on another aspect with a CTH at about 110.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN