Rohr area

South Coast Inland

liam.cook7 , Sunday 10th January, 2021 3:05PM


The theme this year seems to be firm wind pressed in the alpine, and that is what we found again. We skied an excellent N facing bowl down to just above Rohr lake. The snow from the top (2250m) was quite firm for the first 100m, and then softened for the remainder of the run providing good quality skiing. We went to the other side of the valley to attempt one of the SW facing avalanche paths. We dug a pit at 2148m. HS - 115cm, overcast, moderate SW wind. CTM 15 RP . We found two layers that both produced RP results. The first at about 25cm (photo 2), the second at about 85cm. The bottom ~20cm in the snowpack was all sugary facets (photo 4). Needless to say, after those results we backed off and skied back down the ridge. Lot's of people out enjoying the day - great to see!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN