(not so) sweet16


yeehawboy , Wednesday 20th March, 2024 5:00PM

“if you go out in the hills today, you sure of a big surprise…” heatwave carnage exploration day. oh boy oh boy. full deep natural cycles on any & all aspects. full path. full chaos. all steep solar aspects cooked and rinsed to the ground in most cases, at least down to the Feb crust. heavy activity over the past few days. alpine steep terrain wet loose running and crunching everything. stepping down to ground in unsupported terrain. the first bench on the knob approach has been obliterated. deep & chunky refreeze. dust on crust wt FLAT light down the mellow bowl off the knob. limited vis to scope more polar aspects in the valley. gutted to see that sweet16 has slabbed out and run to the ground. wall to wall. total destruction :( few cheeky consolation turns on the exit. sheltered polar slopes are holding some spongey damp snow. 40cm of right side up decomp snow wt a dusting of fresh (F-4F). sloughing pretty easy. top 40 popped pretty easy on the shear, down to the crust/facet interface. not very confidence inspiring… no other notable instabilities. I reckon a heavy precip & cold cycle is needed for any sort of quality refresh!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN