Classic St-Cyr trees

North Columbia

Demonic Pancake , Saturday 2nd March, 2024 9:20PM

Great skiing at St-Cyr in the trees. It's the usual horrendous first 200-300m above the highway (and down) although today was a 100m of elevation gain boot back starting at the car (also on the way down). I'm happy we didn't ski out via the creek 😬 The snow got considerably better at a 1000m of elevation while below that it quickly went from whipped cream, to mascarpone, to cream cheese, to questionably old and warm feta that was on sale and finally to burned out left over KD cheese sauce with some chunks stuck at the bottom of an old pot. On the north side towards the creek, the snow was well preserved and settled (density) powder. Most features and alders are well covered now, but the creek is still quite open at the bottom. No sluffing and we didn't see any concerning instabilities while skiing.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN