Snowpack update

Northwest Coastal

ngottlieb , Sunday 31st March, 2024 2:30PM

A few data points from a relatively wintery couple days west of Shames: - No surprise here, but the snowpack is thin! Just 230cm on a north facing glacier at 1350m - North facing glacial terrain west of Shames, even at lower elevations, did not slide as universally as much of the rest of the region during the warm-up. There are plenty of areas where there is still 60-80cm sitting on top of the firm crust, although a surface crust from the warm-up is somewhat strong - Small amounts of fresh snow fell over the course of last week; not really enough to be problematic even where it had formed into small wind slabs - Ski surface more or less universally rock hard except in places on north facing terrain where the surface crust was slightly breakable - Steep, rocky solar features are melting out really quickly, closing off some routes that might have been passable mid-winter

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN