Early winter conditions up high

Little Yoho Valley Little Yoho

Merrie-Beth Board , Wednesday 16th October, 2019 2:40PM

A group of enthusiastic College of the Rockies students spent the last week at the Stanely Mitchell Hut.
There was already snow at the hut when we arrived and after the storm ended Tuesday night there was 40-60cm above tree line, we observed 65-100cm on the glaciers to 2800m and it’s likely deeper above but we didn’t get there. No crevasse bridging is happening yet and the surface is smooth from plenty of wind that came with the storm. With such cold temperatures (low of -21) and knee to mid thigh travel we spent most our time at the toes of the glaciers.

Getting a look around when the skies cleared and the sun baked south slopes we witnessed several point releases from daytime heating to size 2. As well as 1 size 2-2.5 slab that likely released during the storm on a NE non glacial slope below ridge top on Mt. McArthur.

We gave large terrain a wide berth, traveled equip with avalanche gear and managed to fend off frostbite.

Wishing everyone happy and safe early season adventures this thanksgiving weekend. Keep a close watch for daytime warming.

Merrie-Beth Board
ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide


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Early winter conditions up high

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