Small Hidden Slabalanche

Kootenay Boundary

NattyNomad , Wednesday 24th March, 2021 9:35AM

North aspects had great powder. Eastern aspects about 1800m started getting sticky by 13:00, with small roller balls. Skied back to hummingbird pass parking lot in the SW aspect trees and it was heavy sticky snow on a firm crust that was easily edgeable.

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Heavy, Powder. Weather conditions were: Warm, Windy. We rode: Open trees, Steep slopes, Sunny slopes. We avoided: Alpine slopes. Riding quality was amazing.


Bit of a lesson in only skiing what you can see. We hiked up to the summit of White Queen and didn’t notice slab on northern open aspects until we got to the ridge above this bowl. Couldn’t see this avalanche from where we dropped in but had visibility through the rock field down to the trees. Noticed 5-10cm slab at ridge line but it wasn’t really propagating, mostly sloughing. Skied down into the field and saw this. There was a bit of new snow on the debris so must’ve happened overnight/yesterday, triggered from something falling from the cliff. Didn’t hike up to investigate the bed but on what we skied elsewhere on the slope there was soft snow beneath the slab.