North Burn

Jasper National Park

mkennd , Sunday 11th April, 2021 9:05PM

We felt the burn today! Don't forget sunscreen like we did...The river was crossed easily with muck boots. NW slopes skied excellent. A pit dug at ~2050m was 165cm deep, with 20cm of fist snow atop bomber 100 cm four-finger to pencil snow, and 45cm of facets and depth hoar (2-4mm). CTN x2. A small cookie of 10cm windslab was ski cut on a NE slope, but no other instabilities found other than some skier-triggered sloughing. Wind effect was isolated to the immediate lee of ridgeline in this location. E to S aspects had up to 10cm settling storm snow above a semi-breakable ~1cm melt-freeze crust. The previous, thicker melt-freeze crust is 30-40cm down. Several recent slabs to size 2 noted on the Parkway, NE-SE aspects, generally cornice-triggered. Loose dry and snowballing observed on solar aspects above treeline. The day alternated between hot/ sunny/ light wind from the west, and brief snow squalls with moderate winds and blowing snow. Surface snow was slightly moist by the afternoon.

Weather conditions were: Warm.

Avalache Conditions: Rapid temperature rise to near zero degrees or wet surface snow.